The head scientist and instigator of the Muscle memory project is Niklas Psilander, PhD (GIH). The 1RM testing and resistance training is carried out by Mikael Derakhti, B.Sc (GIH), Niklas Westblad, B.Sc (GIH), John Ã…kerlund, B.Sc (GIH) and Daniel Cortobius, B.Sc (GIH). Most of the biopsies will be analyzed by professor Kristian Gundersen (UIO) and professor Truls Raastad (NIH).  

Niklas Psilander

Mikael Derakhti

Niklas Westblad

Daniel Cortobius

John Ã…kerlund

Kristian Gundersen

Truls Raastad

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